Q&A — Gilbert Heise

Head of market research at Volkswagen Group


  • Dezember 2011

Volkswagen just became the second largest car producer in the world. A lot of young people don’t see the need for cars anymore. How are you tackling this?

We recently did a study together with MTV and learned that young people are still very interested in cars – they just often can’t afford rising maintenance costs.

You started a new car-sharing service, Quicar, in Hanover. Why?

Quicar is a pilot. We are testing how to evolve car-sharing to reach for perfection.

Will driving become all about functionality and efficiency?

On the contrary. Young people are asking for “emotional” cars, such as the Beetle, and customisation. In China, customers put more emphasis on bigger cars and comfort. Electric cars and car- sharing are for people who are into hi-tech and also want to do something for the environment.

What sort of set-up for selling cars is needed in the future?

Our idea is to let customers choose between car-sharing, renting, leasing, and buying. We want to offer the whole portfolio of different forms of mobility – and the financial services to go along with them.