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Beyond Magazine: Ghostly Discovery


  • 20/2012

Most people who travel often work on the move—in trains, planes or at airports. In these situations, listening to music can help block out annoying, outside noise. It’s essential that the music is instrumental and not too distracting since it’s just supposed to provide a nice, smooth background ambience to keep you focused. For this, Ghostly Discovery is a great source of new sounds. The app has a really cute and sympathethic metaphor for its user interface: It lets you pick your mood by changing the color of a stylized “Ghost” figure and then selects random but tastefully curated electronic music to fit that mood.

According to its producers, Ghostly Discovery is a “mood-based music discovery tool,” but you could also call it a streaming radio station. The downside is that you have to be online to use it. The app is free, and it includes content published by two small labels, “Ghostly International” and “Spectral Sound.” But there’s by far enough music to provide variety, and it plays songs in their entirety and has no advertising.