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Since publishing his book about the future of mobile work, "Morgen komm ich später rein", in August 2008, Markus Albers has been invited to speak at companies, universities and technology summits all over Germany, as well as worldwide, ranging from SXSW, Worktech, Otto GmbH, and Hamburg University to CeBit trade fair and renowned Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn. He also has taken part in panel discussions and has been interviewed many times by national newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

Markus Albers speaks about the latest trends and tools related to:

- The Future of Work

- Mobile and Flexible Work-Patterns in Companies

- Creativity and Innovation

- Personal Productivity, managing Digital Information and E-Mail

- "Easy Economy" and "Freianstellung"

- How Society changes through Generations Y and Z entering the Working Environment

- Worldwide Mobility through cutting-edge Communications-Technology

- Freedom and Self-Fullfillment in the Digital Economy

Markus Albers is an experienced and lively speaker who explains complex topics in a comprehensible and entertaining way. If you
are interested in having him speak to your organization, please contact him directly or via London Speaker Bureau.
"Markus Albers puts his finger on some of the fundamental trends driving our working world. He encourages his audience to question conventional but dated practices."
Werner Eichhorst, Institute for the Study of Labor

"Markus Albers hat uns scharfsinnig und unterhaltsam erklärt, wie wir als Non-Profit-Organisation erfolgreich digital publizieren können. Und warum es für Arbeitsgruppen wie unsere keinen Sinn macht, bei Verlagen nach Unterstützung zu betteln und dafür auch noch einen Druckkostenzuschuss zu zahlen. Einen Vortrag mit ähnlich viel Nutzwert habe ich zuvor noch nie gehört."
Thomas Ramge, Fellow stiftung neue verantwortung für das Themenfeld "Die kreative Gesellschaft" "Markus Albers' talk was inspiring, exciting, eloquent, likable and convincing."
Inke Hackbart, Human Resources Otto GmbH

"The panel discussion with Markus at this year's CeBIT Webciety was very worthwhile. He has some groundbreaking thoughts on the future topology of work and workspaces."
Philip Vanhoutte, Managing Director EMEA, Plantronics GmbH